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mood rings and marmalade

life in electric blues and bubble gum pinks

12 July
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The Original Punk Apple Pirate.

I am...

A young, teenage girl living in Indiana, out in the country where the internet connection is subpar. An artist of all trades, primarily sketching with pencil and charcoal but also watercolor-painting, sculpting and photographing. A self-declared journalist on the world. Spiritually confused but definitely pagan. Interested in everything that's beautiful - from water towers to street signs, carousels to clouds and tattoos to weddings. An air-drummer; Victoriandustrial gothy wearer of skirts; knows what she wants and how to get it; flamboyant and up-front and blunt about virtually anything, including but not limited to drugs, sex, romantic relationships, religion/spirituality/beliefs; and costume designer and creator extraordinaire. Dreams in steampunk; is a punk apple pirate; is the assassin/bodyguard/drug dealer in an imaginary mafia.

I think...

That no one is who they say they are. That Chaos is a sacred thing. That the earth is something that should be preserved, not renovated. That the eighties were the best era. That I could give pretty good advice if I tried. That everyday lives are interesting. That physical education is not exercise, it is torture. That the things people blog about make me think more than the things put in newspapers.

I write...

NaNoWriMo, won: 1/2 times. A novella called Scars of Light about a shapeshifter named Shairicca who is chosen to serve darkness, not as in evil but as in a lack of light; complete. A novel called The Indigo City about a faerie named Renaissance Fayre who is caught up in a plot to overthrow all of the supernatural world. Cassella, about a star named - what else - Cassella who defends her planets from the apocalypse and prevents the destruction and reinvention of the universe. Paper Swans, a steampunk excursion with my friend Civ about a Clockworker named Naime and an owlish assassin politician shapeshifter named Baltimore. Unnamed Story, which is about a sphinx - probably just a brief, three-chapter type thing. Another Unnamed Story, which is about a pantheon of old gods tied to an Earth-like world in an alternate universe, particularly Scenis, the trickster (and my pen-name-sake) and Civerus, the celestial incarnation of the moon (and Civerus's pen-name-sake). Poetry - lots and lots of emotional, personal poetry that I pour my heart and soul into. In my blogs, Tumblr, LiveJournal, and Wordpress, whenever I have something to say.

I want to be...

A graphic artist, designing and concepting video games, and an author or publisher. A respected evaluator of all literature from fanfiction to full-length novels. Someone people look to for a reasonable amount of getting-back-down-to-earth reassurance. Independent.

I listen to...

Music; a lot of it. Metal and new metal. Rock, metal-rock, gothic-rock, alternative-rock, classic rock, and almost every other type of rock. Indie. Electronica. All sorts of alternative and obscure. Acoustic guitar and piano. Mix tapes. Movie soundtracks, and musicals. The rants of imaginary people.

I go by...

Lunar. Jeci. Sciatan, Scenis, or Scee. Ngath (pronounced Neey-ahth, almost in one syllable). Renaissance or Ren.

And I'll gladly be your friend if...

You don't use chatspeak or leet, you don't advertise a product or ask me to buy things, and if you interest me. ;)
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